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IDtech secures access to Isabel, the leader in banking transactions

Michel Mélis
Facilty Manager

IDtech has been developing and marketing access control, time management and alarm centralisation and monitoring systems for nearly 30 years. Many companies and institutions have already experienced the benefits of an appropriate protection solution thanks to the excellent service and superior-quality products offered by the company, whose impressive list of references is growing steadily. Today, the honour goes to Isabel.

A service company founded in 1995, Isabel’s goal is to facilitate financial transactions for both professionals and private individuals. Its reputation is based on two key produts: Isabel 6 (a Pc banking solution for professional users) and Zoomit (a free PC banking service in which invoices can be managed and paid quickly and easily with a few clicks). Access to all this information must be protected to meet specific security criteria, which also involves a need for reinforced access control.

Isabel decided to strengthen its securIty by calling on IDtech

Located in the heart of brussels, the building that houses Isabel’s offices was already equipped with an access control system. During renovations in 2008, Isabel wanted to strengthen its own security by calling on the services of IDtech to ensure that access to the areas leased by Isabel was reserved solely for authorised personnel.

“It goes without saying that as a company that carries out secure transactions, Isabel needs secure premises. It must not be possible for just anyone to access our premises. The IDtech system allows us to control access and prevent undesirable people from entering, both within and outside business hours,” explains Mr Mélis, Isabel’s Facility Manager.

The access control system has been welcomed by employees

All of Isabel’s 150 employees, divided over three floors (4,700 m2), have received identification badges,
which they must carry with them to be able to move around the building. anyone who is not known or does not have a badge must be accompanied by someone with access to the system.

The access control system has been welcomed by employees IDtech provided training to explain how its unipass application works.
If an employee loses their badge, it is temporarily deactivated until it is found. If the badge is still missing after three days, it is deactivated permanently and the employee receives a new one.

As Mr Mélis emphasises, since we installed the IDtech access control system, we have not had a single unrecognised or unwanted visit. He adds: since 2008, the network of 30 badge readers has not required any intervention by IDtech. we are very satisfied with the IDtech system.