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Unipass to secure the premises and staff of TEC Liège-Verviers

Marc Lodomez
Deputy Manager of the infrastructure department

IDtech has been developing and marketing access control, time management and alarm centralisation and monitoring systems for nearly 30 years. Many companies and institutions have already experienced the benefits of an appropriate protection solution thanks to the excellent service and superior- quality products offered by the company, whose impressive list of references is growing steadily. Today, the honour goes to TEC Liège-Verviers.

This company is part of the TEC group (TEC for “transport en commun” or public transport), the public transport operator active in Belgium’s Walloon territory, which includes five operating companies.

TEC Liège-Verviers called idtech in order to replace an existing access control system that was gradually becoming obsolete. originally, all the buildings were freely accessible : customers were allowed to enter all the buildings and moved from office to office depending on the information they needed (season tickets, timetables etc.). 

The management decided to improve the security of the premises and staff by implementing an access control system, which is why Unipass, IDtech’s access control system, was installed in 2006. at the same time, the offices were redesigned. Additional spaces for customers were created, separating the flows of visitors, staff, customers, technicians etc. 

TEC Liège-Verviers is a complex operation, requiring several different user profiles (administration, technician, driver etc.), working day and night across 14 different sites. 

This results in large numbers of access profiles to reflect the situation on the ground and cater for all the different working hours.

Unipass is very intuitive – it’s easy to find your way around

Each employee category has its own access rules. As Mr Lodomez, deputy manager of the infrastructure department, points out: “each person has limited access depending on their areaofactivity.duringtheday,employeescan access the drivers’ room and drivers can enter the administrative area. The technical areas, though, are subject to stricter security.”  He adds: “All the buildings are controlled. It is not possible to enter a site without a badge.” Over 2,300 badges are in service! 

At TEC Liège-Verviers, the HR department is responsible for the administrative management of Unipass: creating/withdrawing badges, allocating employee numbers, adding records to the database etc.

According to mr avril, the general services manager, “Unipass is very intuitive – it’s easy to find your way around. Changing a user profile or a badge is pretty simple. 

Training was provided when Unipass was implemented. an IDtech employee visited the company to offer half-days of training.
The implementation of Unipass enables additional features to be included. Using just one badge, drivers can also fill up their vehicles and even pay in the day’s takings directly using automatic payment machines. “Autonomous salto locks have also been integrated in certain isolated places, such as drivers’ toilets along their routes,” adds Mr Lodomez. 

Uniguard makes it possinble to authorise access remotely

For a complete solution, TEC Liège-Verviers also uses Uniguard, IDtech’s alarm management solution. This product is used by dispatching, which operates 24 hours a day. Displaying the facilities on interactive plans, Uniguard enables users to authorise access remotely by controlling, for example, the opening of a door. “If we have technical problems, the most common operations are carried out internally. For more technical issues that we cannot solve ourselves, we call on the idtech technical department,” explains Mr Avril.

A time-clock has also been installed at the entrance to the main building for the use of administrative staff. This replaces an existing time-clock that was becoming obsolete. “The functions remain the same, and our staff were already used to clocking in” concludes Mr Lodomez.